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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I come from a family of readers.  On any given day at my parent’s house you will probably find all the Benhams on couches, books in hand, glasses perched on our faces, and our minds immersed in the story.  I like classical literature, realistic fantasy novels (think Susanna Clarke and Charles de Lint), and re-visiting childhood favorites; my sister likes art history and art theory books, mom likes historical fiction, and dad’s literary tastes are so wide-reaching that they are unclassifiable.  Books feature highly in all of our lives, and we Benhams love the sensation of soft dry pages, the deep beauty of a well printed illustration, and the smell of a book (I even have a perfume that is the fragrance of an old library – it is well loved and worn often!).

To celebrate my parents’ birthdays this month I made them both personalized ex libris plates.  I’ve always liked the idea of the ex libris, and whenever I happen upon one in an old book I feel a deep and immediate connection to the previous owner, like it’s a taste of their personality.  Each of these bookplates is reflective of their interests, though like most bookplates perhaps the images speak more clearly if you know my parents, and I’m happy with it that way.  I hope you enjoy them, and that you have many good books in your future!

(Psst: if you want to check out more bookplates online, go visit the blog Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie.  It’s like a gold mine in there!)

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